Hidden Charm Press (HCP) was founded in 2011 to celebrate the writing mojo of Black women writers–who are seriously under-represented in the literary books publishing industry. 


*MoJo! (Maps-One Journal) is an HCP publication, an online journal that was founded in 2008 to encourage a writing-for-publication focus in the MAPS-ONE Black Women Writers Group of memoirists and poets that met in Massachusetts from 2008-2009. 

Created by New England writer Mignon Ariel King, MAPS-ONE means Memoir and Poetry Sisterhood of New England, but all Black women (21+) are eligible for publication regardless of geographic location or publication history.  All updates will appear on the MoJo! tab of this site.


HCP Publisher Mignon Ariel King is a Boston-born writer and third-generation New Englander who has never lived outside of Massachusetts.  Her paternal grandparents and mother were teachers; King taught college-level English for ten years.  She writes love poetry and narrative poetry, memoir, and short-fiction character studies (modern fables). Usually her stories’ settings are in Greater Boston or New England.

Although a written-word poet, King has been known to burst into rock ‘n’ roll tunes at poetry readings.  She holds a Master of Arts in English degree from Simmons University and identifies as a womanist writer. 


Updated on April 27, 2020.


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