Be safe and well! 


QUERIES ACCEPTED YEAR-ROUND FOR SINGLE-AUTHORED COLLECTIONS. If the editor then invites you to send the manuscript, whether electronically or by post, there is a nonrefundable $20 reading fee, with no guarantee of publication. Reading an entire book takes time, as does printing, etc. Rest assured, however, that I will not waste your money or my time asking for a manuscript that does not sound like a complete book yet or does not jibe with HCP’s current publication interests.


General Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Writers:  HCP is totally biased in favor of connection, a very individual perspective, whether as a memoir or as autobiographical poetry.  In other words, get personal. Writing about your trip to Arizona is far more interesting than writing about your recurring dreams of visiting Japan.

Send a short e-mail cover letter, just a paragraph or two, summarizing your future book’s theme, style, message, etc.  A longer, formal book proposal is neither necessary nor desired.  Let your work speak for itself.  Pay the fee on PayPal and attach a Word document of the entire manuscript to your e-mail cover letter.*

Social commentary within a memoir is wonderful, but it must be within the context of telling a personal story.  No journalistic distance pieces or fiction will be considered.


Visual artists are encouraged  to submit their work for future book covers.  Payment at this time is a contributor’s copy of the final book and free publicity.  All artwork must contain the image of a Black woman (or girl) or of Black women, reflecting us in a positive light.  A bio is not required unless your cover is selected.  Query first, with a link to your website if you have one; unsolicited attachments will not be opened.  Do not send a resume of any type.

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