Mignon Ariel King’s New Chapbook

After a decade of being a “transient” in her home state, Massachusetts creative writer and Hidden Charm Press publisher Mignon Ariel King unknowingly begins an “Epic Couch Surf” in August, 2019. A year of homelessness later, King is middle-aged and single in the big city during a world crisis. See how this third-generation New Englander keeps hanging in there and keeps her sense of humor.  Continue reading Mignon Ariel King’s New Chapbook

Mignon Ariel King’s Memoir

The memoir of a 50-year-old Black American woman who survived the ideological race, class, and gender wars in academe in the ’90s!  The narrative explains how Ms. King transformed from a former English instructor into a language artist and small-press publisher.  Good for her…but what about the following generations of girls? Available on Amazon Continue reading Mignon Ariel King’s Memoir