SUBMISSIONS OPEN: February 1, 2021 to May 15, 2021.

The print anthology Extra MoJo! #3 seeks Black women’s poetry, flash memoir, flash social commentary, and visual art for the Summer, 2021 issue. HCP was founded in July, 2011, so the book will mark 10 years of publishing. Follow the GENERAL GUIDELINES for the online journal MoJo! as posted below.




MoJo! is the sister journal to Hidden Charm Press, publishing Black women’s poetry, flash memoir, and flash social commentary. The online journal is periodically anthologized as a print anthology alongside direct submissions to the print anthology.

No particular poetry style is preferred. A journalistic perspective in memoir or social commentary is not wanted.  We want to hear your unique voice and opinion, based on your experiences in your actual, lived life!

  1. There is no reading fee for the journal, nor is there payment for publication.
  2. Submissions are currently accepted only via e-mail, with your submission pasted in the body of the e-mail. The only attachment that will be opened is your JPEG photo [or artwork].
  3. Use Times New Roman 12, single-spacing, and include a short bio and a jpeg photo. Give the work a title, and write your name in the e-mail exactly as you would like it to appear.
    Send to: mojo_hcp@outlook.com
  4.  No simultaneous submissions or previously published work, except under special circumstances (for instance, it appeared in a local newspaper; the publication is out of print…). If the work appears on your personal blog or website or on a writing workshop site, that’s fine, but by submitting your work here, you are agreeing to remove it from the Internet if accepted for publication by Hidden Charm Press.
  5. If your work is published by HCP, you are agreeing not to publish it elsewhere for five years, and HCP reserves the right to re-publish your work in future anthologies without compensation. You retain your copyright!
  6. FYI: Rarely will rhyming poetry, religious writings, or vitriolic political works be published. Vulgarity, gratuitous violence, and bigotry will not be appreciated, much less published. HCP is pro-Black women, not anti-everybody else.

Thank you!

Mignon Ariel King, Publisher & Editor

UPDATED: February 10, 2021

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